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Why should you create a date auction?

1) You will raise money for your favorite charity.
2) Auctions are fun, bring attention to your profile and get you noticed.
3) You will know that your potential matches are serious enough about having a chance to go on a date with you that they are willing to donate to your favorite cause.
4) You’ll save time by not reading and responding to unnecessary and insincere emails.
5) You will make the choice on who dates you. You decide who your date auction winner(s) are.
6) Your date will see you as a caring, socially conscious person.
7) You won’t be wasting your time on fake millionaires. From the start, you would know that your date is a generous, caring and socially conscience.
8) It is free to join and setup your date auction.

Why should you bid on charity date auctions?

1) You will have a fun bidding on unique singles, whom you would not find on any other dating sites. As they are here to date and support their favorite charities.
2) You will get to see profile picture(s) on all date auctions.
3) You’ll save time by not writing introductory emails that normally go unanswered. Think about how much time you would save not writing endless emails that result in nothing.
4) Tired of not getting the responses to your emails on other dating sites? You will always get a response to your bids even if you are not the highest bidder.
5) Even if your bid is not the highest bid you may still be chosen as the date auction winner.
6) You get to go on quality dates with like minded, attractive singles that you would not normally get a chance to date.
7) You will make a great first impression on your first date as a generous, caring, and socially conscious philanthropist.
8) Your contributions to your dates’ favorite charities are 100% tax deductible.
9) If you choose, you may be rated as a top charitable contributor based on your total contributions. Or you may choose to remain anonymous.
10) It is free to bid on date auctions as long as you are holding your own date auction.

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