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  • Eastern European Energizer Bunny
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    Just like for many of you, it has come to online dating even for me. Fought it for a while but after the last man I met in a bar, it was either that or turning lesbian. The latter was just not my thing so here I am. I thought reading Dating 101 book would help get this started but I don't have time for it just like I don't have time to go out 5 nights a week... so I just read the summary of the book; show interest in his stories only to revert back to the best things about yourself, show that you are funny, intelligent and that you are spicy (like Indian food). Good. I got this! I'd like to think that I'm entertaining, funny, up for almost everything. I can hold an intelligent conversation, love to travel, love to talk,and be adventurous. Others have said that I'm intelligent, attractive, that I've inspired them (Grey Goose has lost some valuable customers due to this- I don't drink) and that my appreciation for life is something u rarely see these days. I am and can be awesome. My awesomeness supersedes anyone's! I swear! :) lol While embarking on my quest to find the "perfect man" I have realized that I can come off a little strong and not many men are able to handle that. Being educated, well traveled, and holding strong opinions seems to intimidate people. ... Hence I'm looking for a man who can handle a strong woman...someone I am going to be able to look up to and lean on. I'm also a vegan but no worries we can still go to steak houses and I pinky swear I won't break down in tears and mourn the cow you are devouring. I’m just looking to meet someone worthwhile. I've met my share of frogs and I strongly believe there's a prince out there, I just wish we were still in the 16th century so I can spot him on his white horse and stop wasting time.
  • About My Match:
    - has a job - loves his family - Is faithful and does not lie - is athletic and adventurous - loves to travel - true gentleman - considerate and kind to humans and animals
  • My Hobbies:
    Traveling, dancing, hiking, mud runs, exploring, modeling, weight training

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