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    I am an adventurous person. I want to be with a kind intelligent man. I am an affectionate, loving and intelligent woman. I care about my surroundings. I care about the environment, NPR, saving gas, thinking of idealistic but achievable goals. I love cooking and make great food. I love traveling and would like to do a lot of it. I am strong woman who has found herself. I know what I want. I believe my feminine qualities are far more important than the aggressive egotistic behavior many women are forced to display. Never afraid yo be by myself at any bar or coffee shop. Museums have magnetic rays pulling me towards them ( London may have a telepathic connection with me) Most people grow fond of me instantly and love my chirpy personality and extremely approachable persona. I have good douchebag rays sp beware! I have been hurt in love but never bitter. I am great communicator and logic is important to me. I go out of my way for people to help them. If you have helped me even once then you can always expect relentless affection and friendship from me. I love hanging out at lounges, the Hollywood bowl, hiking, the griffith observatory, partying, the movies, theatre, music: I truly have many "likes". I will definitely try everything once. I am known to be very tolerant but you cannot push my limits. People have also complimented me about the confidence I radiate. I am Vivacious, Warm, and Intelligent
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