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let’s raise money for my favorite charity…DATE for a CAUSE



                                                            Love is when you meet

                                                            someone who tells you

                                                            something new about yourself.

                                                               -Andre Breton


CharityDateAuction……“it’s the perfect way to meet people with heart.



Let’s face it. First impressions are everything! So we encourage you to build a unique profile that best represents whom you are. At you have an amazing opportunity to reveal an in-depth profile of yourself on real terms: a live auction. Our partnerships with the more than 1.7 million charitable organizations we represent, provides you with the perfect platform to revealyour values, social awareness, intellectual pursuits, religious beliefs, favorite music andsports, cultural background, environmental issues…. a widerange of qualitiesthat you can honestly back up by your choices in holding, and bidding in charity auctions. We provide you with a very simple way to show yourself off at your best, and get quality offline dates quickly. Unlike traditional dating sites, ourdate auction strategy makes it hard to misrepresent yourself. The type of person who is interested in charitable giving, and supporting important social causes, is far more likely to be an honest, caring, generous, well informed person who isn’t looking to take advantage of others.Finding like-minded loving partners is such a sensitive and important part of our lives, where we often feel the most vulnerable.… so is a place where you can feel safe, and confident about your choices.


We’re the best choice for people who care, and who’ve been disappointed in the quality of singles they’ve found on other dating sites.At CharityDateAuction, both auction holders and bidders come across as caring, informed, generous and successful—so they’ll be well matched, with an increased chance of having a second date. As we say:

                              “Generous, sensitive, caring people like to raise money for charity!






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