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Giving to charity takes many forms. Some may say that getting a tax deduction to go on a date isn’t really giving to charity. But is that true?

That depends on your definition of “giving.” Some people think that giving used items they no longer need/want/stand to Goodwill, Salvation Army or another charitable company is giving. But what about all of the absolute junk that these organizations receive? Did you know that these companies spend tens of millions of dollars every year on trash costs? Think about how much more charity they could provide with that money. Not only do they have to pay the huge cost of hauling away other people’s garbage (often placed there in the middle of the night by people who are to cheap to pay to send it to the trash heap), but they have to pay workers to sort it, clean it and clean up after the vagrants have dug tossed trash everywhere while looking for good freebies.

I have often given to Goodwill and two other thrift stores. When you drive around back, one of the first things you usually notice is that more junk is being tossed into the huge dumpster than is being moved into the store. And many of the people dropping off their trash are the first in line to grab a charitable donation form to claim it on their taxes.

So is it really a bad thing to write-off your 100% tax-deductible donation when using There is no waste generated, no fee to haul off the trash and no vagrants picking through your date. The charities that you help (and there are more than 1.6 million charities available) have no additional costs, such as paying people to clean up after your date! Your charitable donation goes to them with no hidden costs. And your date will really appreciate your generosity and altruism.

Moreover, it’s simple to claim your deduction! As soon as you pay your contribution, the site automatically generates a receipt for you to deduct from your current year’s taxes!

We require that people who wish to be auctioned research their charities and choose them before their auction begins. This way, any charity benefitting from has been screened by the person who is holding the auction. Isn’t this a better way to choose which charity to help than being solicited by a pushy telemarketer who takes a percentage of the money that you donate or might not even really represent the charity that they claim to be representing? Remember, makes no money from auctions!

Giving to charity makes you feel good about yourself and when you have someone to talk with about your charitable contributions, it makes both of you feel better about each other, too.

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